Lesson & workshop instructor

Hi everyone! My name is Kerina and I am from California. I moved to Rotterdam in 2016 and although I haven’t found many mountains to climb here, I have luckily found enough poles to climb! My pole journey started at PIDS in 2017 thanks to meeting a new friend, who was the first person I knew to do pole as a sport. The thought never crossed my mind before, I would have never guessed it was something that I would quickly fall in love with. I danced almost my whole life, but never really saw myself as someone fit or strong. I mean, I couldn’t even do a push up without laughing at how weak I was and falling to the ground before. Not only did I gain strength in this sport but also confidence and a community of beautiful and supportive friends.

What I love about this sport is that there are so many elements and styles that there is a place for everyone. Every body is different with different strengths and weaknesses, and that’s okay! Progress is seen quickly in many ways so it’s easy to surprise yourself. It doesn’t have to be sexy or competitive, if you don’t want it to be! What I see in a class is just a group of lovely people enjoying and sharing their love for a sport together, spotting and cheering each other on. It’s always a positive and fun environment. I’m excited to take my journey to the next step by teaching. I hope I can share with you everything that I’ve gained in the sport and more. See you soon on the pole!