Magnus Labbe Workshops 18-Juni-2017


Workshop 1: Magnus’ Secret Tricks & Combos (Inter/Adv) 11:00 to 12:30
This workshop has it all. This is Magnus’ favourite tricks and combos. You will be climbing, dropping, inverting, rotating, spinning and more in this fun andb challenging workshop on static pole.

Workshop 2: Power Pole (Inter/Adv) 13:00 to 14:30
Challenge yourself in this intense workshop focused on tricks requiring strength: Inverts, Special grips, Dead Lifts, Flip, etc… with a special attentionn to elements of transition specific to spinning and static poles.

Workshop 3: Contemporary Pole (All-level) 15:00 to 16:30
In this special and creative contemporary pole class by Magnus is inspired from modern dance techniques. Learn how to flow around the pole using release techniques from the modern dance world and explore a language of flow movement. In the class we will do a contemporary choreography using the pole and we will be spinning, rolling and dancing on the floor and in the air. Please bring socks and kneepads for protection.

Price: €60 per workshop per person
Reservation at, please also mention your full name, address and mobile number so that we can make an invoice to you.

(About Magnus)
Magnus has 10 years of dance experience and is trained in Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. He has been teaching dance since 2008, but he fell in love with Pole 5 years ago. The new way of dancing in the air and combining dance and aerial arts was fascinating and Magnus had to explore this new way of dancing.

His unique style has made him a respectable and world known Pole Dancer in the Pole community, where he have been a judge at Pole Art France, Pole Theatre Sweden and Pole Dance Competition Denmark. Magnus Labbe was a finalist in the TV-show Denmark Got Talent and the professional male winner of Pole Art Cyprus 2014 and the current U.S. Aerial.