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Absolutely not! While having some dance or even yoga background is definitely advantageous, it is not a prerequisite. As a beginner, you will start with the very basics and build up strength, body awareness and flexibility over time, at your own pace.

No, there is no strength requirement to start.  The fitter you are, the faster you will master your basics, but everyone’s body is different and will learn and improve at their own pace. We are here to help you determine and reach your personal goals!

  • Please bring your own towel for the warmup
  • We provide yoga mats, however if you like you may also bring your own
  • We recommend bringing a water bottle

For Pole Classes

Please wear shorts and a tank top, sports top, or sleeveless shirt.  Sports bras are also recommended for protection and support. You need your skin to stick to the pole in order to have as much grip as possible, so it’s better not to wear too much clothes. For example, you will already need to use the back of your knee from the very first class – fabrics will cause too much sliding, and prevent you from sticking to the pole. We don’t use shoes in pole dancing so you can be barefoot; except during Exotic/Sexy Pole, where you need to have high heels or socks.

  • Wearing only underwear is not permitted, nor suitable 
  • No shoes/clothing with metals, as these damage the poles. You will be held responsible in case of damage. 
  • Don’t wear any jewelry like rings, bracelets and necklaces. They can easily break and/or damage the poles.

For Aerial Hoop Classes

  • Wear leggings to make sure the back of your knees are protected
  • Wear a T-shirt or tank top that covers your lower back and torso
  • Don’t wear any jewelry like rings, bracelets and necklaces. They can easily break or cause minor injuries. 


For Aerial Silk Classes

We recommend wearing something close fitting. This is best as it will stay out of your way – you will be flipping upside down and tying yourself in the fabric. Loose clothing may get stuck in the wraps, and large shirts may flip over your head. Zippers, and similar embellishments are also best avoided. 

  • Wear leggings to make sure the back of your knees are protected
  • Wear a T-shirt or tank top which covers your lower back and torso. We highly recommend wearing long sleeves, or something that covers your armpits, as it will protect you against accidental fabric burns

We welcome everybody from 16 years onwards. However, If you’re not 18 yet we will need your parents’ permission.

You are never too old to learn! We aim to make pole and aerial accessible to people of all ages.

Of course! Everyone is welcome.

If you have never done a pole/aerial class before, please join the Beginner/Level 1 classes. For a more comprehensive breakdown of our levels, please see our class descriptions. If you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We’ll close the front door 5 minutes after the class has started. After this you’re not allowed into the class anymore. We always have 15 minutes between classes so you always have enough time to change.

In order to be able to keep a high standard and offer enough training equipment for our clients, we kindly ask you to register in advance.

All students (including trial lessons) should sign up at least 2 hours before the class takes place. This registration can only be done via the online registration system (website or Eversports app).

Unfortunately we have a limited number of spots so we recommend registering in advance. However, if the class is fully booked you can still register onto the waiting list and will be notified if a spot becomes free.

If you are interested but unsure if this is for you, we suggest you sign up for a trial class. If you are interested in multiple classes, you can use a trial week. This allows you to attend 3 classes in one week. For more information, please see our prices page.

No. We find our student’s privacy very important, so we do not allow non-students to stay and watch the classes.

The trial week starts from your first registration. This means that you don’t need to start it immediately after purchase, but any week that is convenient to you.

Don’t use any lotion, body creams or moisturiser the day of your class.

You can book any of our offered classes at both locations (Rotterdam and Den Haag)  with your membership. Keep in mind that registration closes 2 hours before the start of class.

You can cancel your reservations through your Eversports account. If you cancel the reservation 6 hours before the start of class, you can keep your class credit. We kindly ask you to cancel your reservation if you are unable to make it to the lesson, as class spots are limited.

For subscription holders, credits are valid for one week only and thus will expire at the end of the week. However, we are able to move your credits to another week if you inform us about your absence by email at least one week before your absence. We do not return credits if you inform us after you have missed your class.

We can only return two weeks of credits per absence. Thus if you have, for example, a vacation planned for two weeks you will not lose your credits.

If you’d like to move your credits for a particular period please send us an email at

If you would like to change your membership, please email

The changes to your membership will come into effect on the first of the following month

Upgrading is free, however for downgrading, we charge a €10 fee.

To cancel  your membership, please send an email to

Please keep in mind that we require a 1 month notice, after which your subscription will stop. For example if you cancel in May, then you still pay for June and as of July 1st the subscription has ended. You can still train until the end of June.

Note that once you have canceled your monthly subscription, you will have to pay the registration fee again in case you want to register again in the future.

Rotterdam Studio

Parking in front of the studio is free after 6pm. There are also some parking spaces behind the studio. If these spaces are full, and you cannot find anything on the street there is a parking lot near the closest Albert Heijn.


Den Haag studio

There is free parking on the street directly in front of the studio.

At both studios, there are bathrooms and dressing rooms, however no showers.

In order to stay as safe as possible during the Covid pandemic, we kindly ask you to:

  • Keep a safe distance between each other during your trainings and while changing
  • If you arrive early, wait outside for the previous class to finish
  • Train with a maximum of two students per apparatus
  • Bring your own towels for cleaning the poles and mats
  • Disinfect your mats and poles using the solution provided

If there is another lockdown, all the subscriptions will be paused, and you will be able to use your credits upon re-opening.

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