Lesson & workshop instructor

Hi my name is Salem. I am 23 years old and live in Rotterdam. I have engaged in serval different sports and dance styles in the past but I have never experienced any sport more fun than pole dancing. I had always thought pole dancing interesting, but only until one time I saw a pole dance video and thought it was beautiful so I decided to give it a try. I was having some doubles about this sport before trying it since it is pretty different than what I used to, and also I was thinking I might not be fit enough for it. But in the end, I was so happy that I gave pole dance a go! I was just hooked.

I enjoy training and love working on advancing my flexibility in my free time. What I like about pole dance is that this sport requires both strength and flexibility. So if you keep on training you will be surprised how fast your body has improved and does the pole tricks that once you think they are impossible. I am very happy with this sport and I hope I can make others also feel enthusiastic about it as I do. I am looking forward to teaching my students what I have learnt and helping them to grow.