Allround instructor

Hi, my name is Apple. I am a pole and aerial addict,  also the owner of Pole Inspiration Dance Studio 🙂

I moved from Taiwan to the Netherlands for my university education in 2009. Back in Taiwan I was already a dance and theater lover, I was always fascinated by dancers’ and performers’ body movements, facial expressions and emotions.

After I came across some pole dancing videos on Youtube, in the end of 2011 in the Netherlands, I fell in love with the beauty of pole and till now pole has become the passion of my life. I started to compete in 2015 and have won several competitions since then, such as:

Currently I am working for various entertainment/show agencies as pole dancer and aerialist for events, festivals, exhibitions and parties.

Besides the entire stage glamor, I still LOVE teaching the most and see how students grow to their next level. For me it is a big satisfaction to help students reaching the goals they once regard as impossible. It gives me a happy sense of achievement whenever I see students become better and better, feeling more fit and happy. Therefore I hope my studio can not only inspire your body but also boost your confidence.

So, come and join the PIDS family!