Lesson & workshop instructor

Hi! I’m Rebecca and I live in Rotterdam. I have studied medical biology at the Free University in Amsterdam. I have been working as a Clinical Research Associate for over six years now, where I coordinate clinical trials in hospitals.

With several years of only belly dancing experience, pole dancing in 2012 started as just a try out. But now it has become my favorite way to workout. You train your whole body from head to toe, yes even your toes! I enjoy the progress you make and see in yourself and others. Practice makes perfect and with perseverance you can come a long way. Pole dancing is a fun way to train your body!

In November 2014 for the first time I signed up a pole competition and it was a great experience. You are working with the pole in a whole different way. Competitions are not everyone’s cup of tea, but you learn to perform your moves to the music and tell a story to the audience through your dance and emotions. And that’s very different than just doing individual moves and combinations on the pole. But no matter how you pole dance, it is always a good work out! So come and try a lesson and maybe at a certain point you will hang onto the pole as well. Just because it’s fun!