Our team is growing, and?

PIDS is extremely pleased to announce the addition of four new instructors to our team. Starting september first, Alexandra and Kerina will join our pole team, while Muyun and Joan will join our hoop instructors.
But why should you care? Below is a list of reasons on why we believe it is important to have a big instructor team.

1. Even more classes!
As much as we would love to spend every moment teaching, even our bodies need to have a day off sometime. The more instructor we have, the more classes we can offer without any instructor burning out. More manpower also means more personal attention for our students. Instead of one person juggling seven classes a week, each class will have their own teacher, who will be much better at remembering the exact level of where their class is at, what their students like and dislike, and which students are currently injured and may need extra attention.

2. Less cancelled classes!
While we all wish it doesn’t happen, even we get sick sometimes. And since nobody benefits from a fevered, snotty, contagious instructor, this means we have to find a substitute teacher. With more instructors to call on in such cases, the greater the chance that one of us will be available, making sure students can still get their weekly fix of their favorite class.

3. More diversity!
When you think of aerial arts, your mind will certainly imagine a gorgeous aerialist up in the air, in an effortless split or in an impressive plank. And as beautiful as that is, it is not the only thing everybody will want to do, nor a thing everybody CAN do. Every person has a unique style of dance, and the more instructors we have, the higher the chance there’ll be somebody whose style matches yours and who can help you grow in your style and help you with your goals.
Different styles are also great when you get stuck in a rut. Are you feeling demotivated because you feel your lack of flexibility is holding you back? Why not try a class with our strength instructor? Are you terrified of flips and drops no matter how hard you try? Try an exotic class and just dance with the flow! Shop around with all our different instructors, and see what everybody has to offer.
Here’s a tip! On our team page, you can click on all our instructors for details, and then see their specialties on the right.

4. Different bodies!
Very few bodies are exactly alike. Our body weight is distributed differently, our flexibility is better or worse in some places than others, different parts of our bodies may be injured, etcetera. More instructors mean a greater chance somebody will have similar stiff shoulders to yours or your same amazing leg flexibility, and can provide a first-hand account on how to either make them work to your optimal advantage, or find a way around their limitations to still do amazing things! Please do not hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help!

5. Different teaching methods!
Besides our differences in bodies and dance styles, our teaching methods are all different too. Some students do really well with a teacher who will get into the real nitty-gritty of which muscles to engage and when, while others have a much better learning experience by watching the instructor perform the move, and then copying their movements. Some instructors like teaching beautiful combinations of three to four moves, while others will teach you lots of different moves and expect you to combine it yourself with whatever you find fun.
Apart from our golden rule: safety first, instructors are encouraged to structure their class to what best works for them, so their classes can be the very best that teacher has to offer!